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Reducing Costs & Preserving Cash

As organizations face the challenge of shifts in budgets as a result of COVID-19, cost savings have become increasingly important.

Company Profile

Size: 3000

Industry: Biopharma 


The customer saw a reduction in TCO by 33% and was able to defer 90% of cash outlay by 6 months or greater


A leading publicly traded bio-pharma customer was tasked with immediately reducing spend on IT projects as well as finding ways to preserve cash on hand. This led to a challenge of having to quickly deploy new solutions to support the work from home model for their employees, as well as having several subscriptions, licenses, and renewal commitments forthcoming that would require substantial expenditures.


Aqueduct’s software and renewals organization quickly helped the customer to review current assets, upcoming renewals, activation and adoption levels, and potential overages during high peak usage of security, collaboration, and remote access technologies due to COVID-19. Through this analysis, Aqueduct was able to identify areas where new plans had become available that would allow for unlimited usage or burst capability. In addition, in many cases there were options to bundle a multitude of subscriptions and licenses into lower TCO enterprise agreements.

Financially, Aqueduct was able to work on behalf of the customer to gain extended terms from 60-180 days or flexible purchasing models to defer expenses to 2021. The customer was also able to increase their entitlements and enabled additional feature sets for no additional expense.

Ongoing, Aqueduct is working with the customer on trending of usage and determining if further optimization may be required. Through the initial analysis, which only took one week, the customer saw a reduction in TCO by 33% and was able to defer 90% of cash outlay by 6 months or greater.



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