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About Our Workshops

Our interactive two hour workshops are designed to facilitate a discussion around current trends and identify the leading technologies that are enabling organizations to be more effective today, and in the future. 

Collaboration Workshop

The workplace is evolving and it’s fundamentally changing how people work and collaborate. To help your organization stay ahead our goal is to provide you with education and insights into possible options to optimize your current strategy.


  • Your current and desired future state and business goals across primary collaboration technologies.
  • Experiences you are looking to deliver, how to make them happen, and if your intended environment will support those experiences.

Hybrid Cloud Workshop

To help you determine the best platforms for your workload deployments our team of cloud and data center experts will facilitate a discussion around your cloud transition. 


  • Cloud readiness heat map scoring where your business stands across each of the critical areas to help assess your readiness.
  • Summary report capturing the data and information covered in the workshop, along with our recommendations on deployment options and next steps to take in your journey.

Security Workshop

With the vast array of fragmented security solutions on the market, it is essential to simplify, automate, and integrate your overall security approach. 


  • Identify your biggest risks and any gaps in your current approach, including challenges in integrating solutions.
  • A better understanding and visualization of things you aren’t doing today that you may want to consider.
  • A holistic view of your security solutions and strategies to enhance your organization’s overarching strategy.

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