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Engineer’s Corner – Data Center

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) for backups has changed how we think of backups and data protection. An effective backup can help mitigate the damage done from various situations where data loss can occur. Following a ransomware attack, organizations attempt to recover their data but oftentimes discover their backups have been compromised and their backup software has been destroyed. With a next-generation backup (HCI data protection) data protection is taken to a new, more secure level. These data platforms are scale-out storage HCI solutions where the file system can take unlimited snapshots extremely quickly and store them with exceptionally low overhead. To combat ransomware, the original backup job is kept in an immutable state. The days of taking hours to backup data or experiencing outages when upgrading backups solutions are a thing of the past with HCI. Storage workloads are spread across fragmented silo groups in the data center (backups, archives, files, objects, test/dev, analytics), but only one of these workloads is a critical asset to a business, backups. Backups are now the last line of defense for a company’s data protection, so it’s essential companies invest in a solid solution.

– Erik Neville, Data Center Solutions Architect

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