Engineer’s Corner – Carrier Services

SD-WAN is a great and powerful technology that provides customers with higher levels of resiliency, visibility, control, and flexibility. One of the best aspects of SD-WAN is that it allows companies to bring their own bandwidth and choose any carrier and any technology, including Fiber, dedicated circuits, Broadband, 4G/LTE/5G, and satellite.  In order to maximize an SD-WAN network, it’s important to evaluate the physical providers, various paths, and connection points to make sure there is as much carrier diversity as possible.  Too often we have seen multiple connections sharing the same physical infrastructure.

With its amazing benefits, it’s no wonder we have seen a high uptick in customers researching and implementing SD-WAN solutions. The downfall, however, is that companies seem to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of carriers in the marketplace and spend too much time researching various connectivity choices. As a result, businesses struggle to make an educated decision in a timely fashion, which can lead to outages and service disruptions. We have helped simplify this process for many of our customers and educated them on the best available options.  Aqueduct has a great Carrier Services team who have extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the carrier industry. To aid businesses in taking that critical first step, Aqueduct has an SD-WAN Connectivity Assessment that deep dives into the customer’s physical infrastructure on a site-by-site basis.

If interested in starting an SD-WAN Connectivity Assessment, reach out to your Aqueduct Account Manager or fill out the contact form below.

Peter Fischelis, Director of Carrier Services

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