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Engineer’s Corner – Carrier Services

Mobile data traffic accounts for almost half of the worldwide web traffic. For the past four years, this traffic has been growing at an annual rate of 46% year over year. By 2020, mobile data will exceed 70 Exabytes per month globally (that’s 70,000,000,000 GB)! Trying to manage this traffic and manage the growth of mobile is something many companies are struggling with.

From an expense and management standpoint, many organizations have opted to have employees procure and manage their own mobile devices. This may seem like an easy and less costly solution, but that’s not always the case. The reimbursement process can be cumbersome, security is often an issue, and in many cases, the cost is actually higher. For global organizations, the picture is even more complex.

There are more than 600 cellular service providers around the globe, and while many of the largest providers have sharing and roaming agreements, costs can quickly escalate when users have global data needs. There are several Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) who can help simplify global mobile data needs significantly. These companies can provide cost-effective mobile data connectivity anywhere in the globe using a programmable eSIM or SIM that will automatically connect to the strongest signal or desired provider.

MVNOs’ flat-rate data plans offer a single bill and a single portal for simplified management. Whether the need is for laptop or tablet data connectivity, IoT connectivity, or office SD-WAN/back up connections with a wireless router, using a MVNO to handle global mobile data needs can greatly simplify management and dramatically improve the bottom line.

Peter Fischelis, Director of Carrier Services

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