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Product Resale

Aqueduct’s Q-Renewals team helps manage your support/maintenance contract renewal needs in sustaining dependable operations. While Cisco (Smart Net) is a core offering, we also partner with other key vendors where we can provide the same value (e.g. Citrix, EMC, VMware, Microsoft, RedHat, f5, etc).  To identify gaps and opportunities for your organization, our team can perform an overall courtesy “Health Check”.

Health Check benefits:

  • We’ll assess your environment verifying current support status
  • Provide a detailed inventory, including serial numbers & equipment model numbers
  • Identify any End of Life/Service equipment or licensing to be aware of in planning and budgeting for future needs

Our Q-Renewals team is here as an added benefit and your ongoing trusted advisor for support enablement.

Areas where Q-RENEWALS can help:

  • Proactively oversees and prepares quotations for recurring maintenance renewals across multiple vendors
  • Consolidates contracts to simplify annual budgeting for services
  • Performs courtesy “Health Check” to assess environment, and identify any End of Life/Service gear and licensing
  • Investigates, escalates, and resolves any issues in licensing, obtaining software downloads or accessing tech support
  • Assists in contract associations to Cisco CCO accounts for accessing TAC support and software downloads

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