Please join us for the next meeting of our “Executive Thought Leadership Series” where attendees will engage in an interactive discussion with executive IT colleagues at the prestigious Harvard Club of Boston. 

Our guest speaker, Jan Pope, is a seasoned global CIO who worked at Analogic and now leads Aqueduct’s Executive Consulting Practice.

This event topic is: Data Growth 


  • Kick-off
  • Review ACME Data Growth case study
  • Discuss 4 topics around data growth with IT executive colleagues

The format is a Harvard business review. We will discuss the challenges at ACME company which is a global medical manufacturer. We will begin by discussing the challenges faced at ACME and then engage in discussions around four distinct topics about the business and technical challenges faced by this organization and how to best address them.


You are the CIO of Acme Corp, a privately held manufacturer headquartered in Hopkinton, MA. Acme Corp has recently exceeded a billion in revenue and has 30 locations globally. The majority of locations are sales and R&D offices across 5 continents. Your company specializes in designing and producing surgical instruments. Over the past 10 years, the company has expanded primarily through acquisition and has added on a number of complementary products to its portfolio. R&D continues to be a significant expense for the organization as it works towards the next “big thing”. The engineering population tends to “save everything” and is known to deploy their own storage solutions for their research efforts.  They also maintain their own backups, granted some of these are simple external HD and local tape drives.

 You are well regarded with executive management but are not on the board. You directly report to the COO. You have developed a shared IT support model that you have been integrating the acquired companies into. You have little control except as a primary recommender for the research business units for their proprietary platforms. Today IT does provide a shared service the units can leverage as a chargeback model. In addition, IT provides all end-user systems and support today.

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