Why A Focus on Rhode Island Helped Us Grow | Aqueduct Technologies

Recognizing Rhode Island as a market in its own right was a key step in driving dramatic growth at Aqueduct Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in Waltham, Mass., the information technology solutions company opened a Warwick location last year in response to demand from businesses in the Ocean State, and saw its revenue balloon as a result. In 2019, the company brought in nearly $58.2 million, up from $40 million in 2017, for a 45.4% three-year increase in revenue growth.

“Rhode Island was a primary focus for us,” said Manak Ahluwalia, Aqueduct’s CEO, and president. “As opposed to making it an ancillary strategy, we really wanted to build a local market there.”

Aqueduct’s commitment to both customers’ and employees’ happiness is another important contributor, Jack Kaiser, senior vice president of sales, said.

“We like to say a happy employee makes a happy consultant makes a happy customer. … We’re relentless about customer satisfaction,” Kaiser said.

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