Waltham, MA, October 29th, 2021 – Aqueduct Technologies, Inc. announced today that AVANT Inc. has awarded Aqueduct Technologies, Inc. as the Top New Partner for 2021 – at the Annual Special Forces Summit, in Austin Texas. This award is a testament to Aqueduct’s strategic partnership and commitment to being a leader in this industry.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized as one of Avant’s top new partners. The services and tools that Avant provides to its partners, combined with our technology, have enabled us to achieve rapid growth within our Cloud Communications and Connectivity Practice.”

–  Peter Fischelis, Director of Cloud Communications and Connectivity

Aqueduct’s partnership with Avant continues to provide customers with the pathfinder tool, powerful research, and analytics platform that has access to 300+ providers and over 90 colocations allowing customers to save time and store data all from one place. The pathfinder tool has enabled Aqueduct to support customers on a more personalized level, and utilize industry-leading relationships.

Aqueduct has extensive capabilities in designing, sourcing, implementing, and managing an organization’s telecommunications, colocation, and cloud-based infrastructure services. Their approach, engineering expertise, and analytics toolset ensure customers will get the right services to support their business.

Learn more about Aqueduct’s Carrier Services or watch a demo to learn more about their Pathfinder tool and see how it helps customers navigate the complex carrier and cloud landscape.


About Aqueduct Technologies, Inc.
Aqueduct Technologies is a New England based IT solutions provider completely vested in and devoted to the success of our customers. The combination of our industry experience, responsive local team, and executive commitment is so powerful and unique that we can confidently provide our customers the “Aqueduct 100% Services Guarantee.”

To learn more about Aqueduct, please email info@aqueducttech.com or call (617) 221-3570.

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