Aqueduct Technologies Offers Flexible Payment Solutions - Aqueduct Tech

To support our customers through these challenging times, Aqueduct Technologies is providing a flexible payment program to enable its customers to quickly deploy equipment while minimizing out of pocket spending for six months.  As our customers work to re-establish their business, they may purchase the equipment outright or enter into a multi-year FMV lease. We would like to thank our business and financial partners for helping us launch these types of offerings quickly.

Read more about our solutions here: Aqueduct Technologies Flexible Payment Solutions

About Aqueduct Technologies, Inc.
Aqueduct Technologies is the New England-based IT solutions provider completely vested in and devoted to the success of our customers. The combination of our industry experience, responsive local team, and executive commitment is so powerful and unique that we can confidently provide our customers the “Aqueduct 100% Services Guarantee.”

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