Aqueduct Technologies, Inc. is one of the highest-scoring businesses, with standout employee engagement.

WALTHAM, MA, May 12th, 2020 – Aqueduct Technologies has been named to Inc. magazine’s annual list of the Best Workplaces for 2020.

Below are a few words from our President & CEO, Manak Ahluwalia:

“As a leader and founder of an organization, I’ve had an opportunity to integrate the values that I was raised upon into our company’s DNA. It’s a focus on mutual respect, honesty, the value of knowledge, working towards the greater good, being good citizens, and being empathetic to one another. It’s never perfect, and not everyone will value the same things that you do. At times you will encounter situations and people that will test your beliefs in your values. The lessons in this are simple though… when you can elevate those around you, then you should. If you can do good, then do good.  When the world is challenging, do what you can to make it less challenging for those around you.

Our cultural champion, Paige nicely summarized our core values as Learn, Teach, Care, and Impact. This resonates every day here and even more so as we deal with the pandemic impacting us, our customers, and our community. In tough times you see the real character of people around you, and I’m blessed to be surrounded by some of the best.

As our new reality dawned upon us, we came together as an extended family, to help each other out. We found through distance, our ability to impact each other positively only increased. The level of development, mentoring, and collaboration has never been greater. When our customers needed us to work around the clock to ensure the continuing function of their business, we did. When healthcare institutions suffered outages, we were there to restore services quickly. We were there to donate to those who needed, help without concern of compensation, and ensure our community knew that our values didn’t waver in tough times.

We are fortunate as an organization to be able to put people over profit.  We are fortunate to be able to transition our business remotely, without sacrificing our capabilities. Above all, we’re fortunate to have each other.

Thank you to all those who go above and beyond to Learn, Teach, Care, and Impact each other every day! Thank you, Inc Magazine, for the 3rd year in a row in recognizing us as being one of the best places to work in America. We look forward to a brighter future with the team and culture we’ve built, and to further welcoming new members that share the same passions we do.”

– Manak Ahluwalia

Collecting data from more than 3,000 submissions, Inc. singled out 100 finalists for this year’s list, and 29 of them located in Massachusetts. Each nominated company took part in an employee survey, conducted by Quantum Workplace, on topics including trust, management effectiveness, perks, and confidence in the future. Inc. gathered, analyzed, and audited the data. Then we ranked all the employers using a composite score of survey results. This year, 73.5 percent of surveyed employees were engaged by their work.

“We talk a lot at Aqueduct about our core values—two of which are Care and Impact (being positively impactful)—often through the lens of supporting our employees’ endeavors in ways which are most personally-meaningful for them,” says Paige Charbonneau, PHR, SHRM-CP, HR & Development Manager at Aqueduct Technologies.  “Collectively, we have been intensifying our empathy and leaning heavily on these values—as we have been unexpectedly, physically isolated from one another and our sense of togetherness has never been more important—and we continue to find new ways to pull one another closer.  We are learning more about each other’s pasts through storytelling, sharing photos from our time at home with our families, encouraging charitable outreach, and tuning in to weekly, transparent, and honest webinars hosted by our leadership team”.

The strongest engagement scores came from companies that prioritize the most human elements of work. These companies are leading the way in employee recognition, performance management, and diversity. It is a different playbook from a decade ago when too many firms used the same template: free food, open work environments, and artifacts of “fun.”

“Building a great corporate culture comes only from strong leadership,” says Inc. magazine editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. “The companies on Inc.’s Best Workplaces list are setting an example that the whole country can learn from, especially now, when the company culture is more important to the workforce than ever.”

About Aqueduct Technologies, Inc.
Aqueduct Technologies is the New England-based IT solutions provider completely vested in and devoted to the success of our customers. The combination of our industry experience, responsive local team, and executive commitment is so powerful and unique that we can confidently provide our customers the “Aqueduct 100% Services Guarantee.”

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