WALTHAM, MA., January 29, 2019 – Aqueduct Technologies, Inc. announced today that they have met all criteria to recertify their Cisco® Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization.

This specialization demonstrates Aqueduct’s ability to meet customers’ diverse data center needs for the digital era. This includes their ongoing expertise in converged infrastructure, multi-cloud hybrid computing, application or infrastructure as a service, and analytics.

About Aqueduct Technologies, Inc. 
Aqueduct Technologies is a New England based IT solutions provider completely vested in and devoted to the success of our customers. The combination of our industry experience, responsive local team, and executive commitment is so powerful and unique that we can confidently provide our customers the “Aqueduct 100% Services Guarantee.”

To learn more about Aqueduct, please email info@aqueducttech.com or call (617) 221-3570.