Aqueduct CEO, Manak Ahluwalia Joins IoT Panel Discussion - Aqueduct Tech

Aqueduct President & CEO, Manak Ahluwalia contributed his thought leadership on IFMA’s recent white paper and webinar, “The Internet of Things & The Workplace.”

At its simplest, the Internet of Things is all about connected devices and the data derived from those connections. Apps on our phones can tell us whether we locked our car doors or left the lights on in the basement. Our homes are becoming increasingly smarter as more systems seamlessly integrate to create better experiences: The thermostat pings a cozy 72 degrees thirty minutes before your alarm goes off. Your bedroom’s electronic shades open with the sun. And the coffee maker knows when to have your java ready. These devices and systems can even tell us when they’re getting sick. In fact, predictive analytics are one of the IoT’s biggest selling points, since they empower us to address potential problems before they turn into catastrophic and costly failures. The IoT doesn’t just affect us on the home front, either. The Internet of Things is present in all aspects of our lives, including the buildings we manage. While it’s easy to think the IoT is mostly consumer-driven, it also plays a role in business—a big one, in fact. According to research from Gartner, business IoT spending will represent 57% of overall IoT spending this year.  In terms of hardware spending, we’re talking $964 billion.  So for FMs who aren’t as familiar with the IoT, we guarantee you’ll be hearing more and more about the Internet of Things and Building Internet of Things (BIoT) in the coming months and years.

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In follow up to the white paper, Manak, along with three other panelists, participated in a follow-up webinar, “The Inside Scoop on The Internet of Things.”

Manak Ahluwalia, Aqueduct Technologies
Brycen Spencer, Siemens
Andrew Delprete, Liberty Mutual
Matthew Soares, Akamai Technologies