VxRail Test Drive™ for Technical Decision Makers

Join Aqueduct partners, Ingram, Dell EMC, and VMware for a one-day workshop on Dell EMC VxRail.  The goal of this workshop is to help you understand the fundamentals and advantages of Dell EMC VxRail and VMware vSAN platforms and their key enabling technologies. This course includes hands-on lab exercises using demo pods that have been designed for you to explore VxRail and vSAN management capabilities.

This solutions-oriented training is designed for end-user DC Architects and Senior Engineers who are responsible for developing data center solutions that span compute, network, and storage.

* Please bring your laptop so you may participate in the lab exercises*

The VxRail Workshop will cover:

Lesson 1: Hyper-convergence
Lesson 2: vSAN
Lesson 3: VxRail Hardware
Lesson 4: VxRail vs. vSAN Ready Nodes
Lesson 5: VxRail Deployment and Operations


Lab 1: First Build
Lab 2: Logical and Physical Health
Lab 3: Cluster Expansion – Scaling Out
Lab 4: QoS IOPS limit
Lab 5: Fault Domains
Lab 6: Erasure Coding
Lab 7: Snapshot Creation and Management
Lab 8: Deduplication and Compression

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