Aqueduct Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that we have passed the strict certification requirements for both engineering and sales to become an OpenDNS partner.

OpenDNS provides a security solution which allows users to connect to the internet with confidence. Their premier product umbrella is easily deployed on your desktop. This product is cloud-based and is lightning fast; so it will not slow down your machine. The traditional collect and react model cannot keep up with today’s rapidly evolving threats and ingenious attackers. OpenDNS has developed a new strategy. Utilizing their global network, which sees about 2% of the world’s internet requests, they have engineered a predictive security solution that anticipates and stops malicious activity before it threatens your network. While the rise of the roaming workforce has eroded the traditional network perimeter, Umbrella by OpenDNS has you covered.

Simply put, this solution protects your machine and reputation whether you are in the boardroom or the coffee shop. Learn more about OpendDNS at

“I am proud that we have added OpenDNS to our portfolio of solutions. We feel that this solution will help us keep our customer’s networks secure” – Chris Jennings, Co-President, CMO & CSO, Aqueduct Technologies Inc.

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