Aqueduct employees, Jack Kaiser, Senior Vice President of Sales, and Jay Sartori, Vice President of Services, recently golfed at the GiffStrong16 Golf Tournament. This event raises money to support cancer research and patients and families during their struggle fighting cancer.

About GiffStrong16
GriffStrong16 was founded in 2015 in memory of our son, brother, nephew, grandson and friend,  Matthew Griffin, who died on December 26, 2014, after a 30-month battle with cancer. Our Mission is to assist members of Matt’s community to pursue their dreams of becoming a nurse, to assist cancer patients and their families during the difficult struggles while battling cancer and to donate to cancer research.

  • Award scholarships to students High School seniors of Arlington, MA  studying to be a nurse
  • Provide monetary support  to family members of cancer patients to offset expenses
  • Provide Donations to Cancer Research