Aqueduct Proudly Participated in the 2022 EBS Client Activity Challenge with GivHero - Aqueduct Tech

Aqueduct Technologies recently participated in the 2022 EBS Client Activity Step Challenge with GivHero. In total, a whopping 185,756,197 steps were taken by 591 participants spread out over 25 teams. Together, we donated $3,000 to Feeding America, the National Health Foundation, the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Western Massachusetts, Relief International, and the Wound Warrior Project. Thank you again to those who made donations and/or participated in the challenge!

As an organization, we were able to match the amount that our Aqueduct Team raised through the challenge for charity! We were also fortunate enough to have one of the overall raffle winners: Zachary James.

Our top three winners for the Aqueduct Team (individual steps) were:

  1. Cathy Gardner
  2. Jessica Coady
  3. Matthew Albrecht