Aqueduct Technologies is a proud sponsor of the Higher Possibilities 2nd Annual Charitable Golf Tournament, on September 13th 2014 at the Ponkapoag Golf Course in Canton, MA

This charitable tournament is dedicated to help the poor and disadvantaged around the world. There are two specific organizations that this tournament is focused on; Pingalwara and Mahavir Seva Sadan.

Pingalwara is an organization that tends to very needy and poor people, especially to newborns and older toddlers who are left on the street to die. They run special trauma vans to pick up accident victims off the street and nurture them with care. There is a school on the premises providing free education, books, stationary etc. to the children. Special attention is also given to the mentally retarded. There is also a dispensary on site where doctors come every day to volunteer their services. Learn more here:

Mahavir Seva Sadan is an organization that helps to make artificial limbs for the extremely poor, who cannot afford prosthetic’s. They provide these artificial limbs free of charge and help people walk and function again as a normal human being. They also run free medical clinics and provide cataract surgeries. Learn more here:

To help donate to these causes on behalf of the Higher Possibilities Charitable Golf Tournament, please click here.