Aqueduct is Proud to Sponsor A Taste and a Toast: Come Home to Forsyth - Aqueduct Tech

Aqueduct Technologies, Inc. is proud to be sponsoring Forsyth’s A Taste and a Toast: Come Home to Forsyth event to celebrate the progress of their Kids program that builds healthy communities by improving children’s dental health where they live and learn.

Event Details
An incredible offering of tastes from 14 leading VIP chefs, beer and wine, and special toasts to the honorees with a tribute to ForsythKids alumni!
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 6:00PM – 8:00PM
The Forsyth Institute | Cambridge, MA

About ForsythKids
The ForsythKids program works with schools and community partners to make certain it is easy for children and their families to get high-quality dental care, which is critically important to their overall health and well-being.

The program brings preventive dental care to Massachusetts children of all ages at schools, day care centers, neighborhood facilities, summer camps, and public events. For more than a decade, ForsythKids has helped tens of thousands of children throughout Massachusetts receive preventive dental care.

All children in a participating school or location are eligible to enroll in ForsythKids. Participating students receive on-site dental examinations, oral health education, preventative services, including dental cleanings, application of fluoride varnish and sealants to prevent decay, and temporary fillings if needed.  If a child is covered by MassHealth or private dental insurance, Forsyth will bill insurance for services but there is no co-pay, fee, or charge to families or schools. All children, including the uninsured, are eligible to participate.  For those with ongoing or urgent dental needs, ForsythKids staff will work to connect children and their families to local dental clinics for comprehensive care.