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Pick your metric, Mean Time to Detect, Mean Time to Recover/Resolve… your choice. The key really is to detect early, resolve/recover quickly, and keep your customers happy.

The trick to doing that is getting the right information at the right time. Bad or incomplete data means false positive alerts and much wasted time chasing issues that don’t exist, rather than correcting real problems. Inaccurate information is costly, both financially and reputation-wise.

So how do you recognize anomalies early before they become issues?
To recognize anomalies, you need to understand your application’s baseline performance. This is where APM tools like AppDynamics come into play. Those tools monitor your infrastructure and applications over a period of time, leveraging machine learning to better identify anomalies early before they become issues and help ensure they’re not false positives. Periodic scaling of your operations shouldn’t set off alarms, and humans shouldn’t be required to recognize what’s normal and what is an issue. APM tools (like AppDynamics) can learn what “normal” means for your business and alert you when events are operating outside that threshold.
Aqueduct Cloud Anomaly Detection APM

What happens when issues occur?
Customized views can be created to give you in-depth insight into where the issues are, down to the line of code. This includes transaction flow maps and end-to-end views of issues real users are encountering. Identification of exact issues can be viewed via drill-downs into code so responsible teams can be involved only when necessary.

Aqueduct Technologies Clud APM AppDynamics

Timely, accurate information is key to keeping your applications and infrastructure performing well. Picking the right APM tool will help reduce MTTR and give you accurate insight into the exact issues before they impact your customers.

Interested in more information about how AppDynamics can fit into your environment and help you reduce MTTR? Join our webinar with the AppDynamics team on December 12, 2020.

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