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Engineer’s Corner – Data Center

Until recently, there were many barriers to public cloud adoption by most enterprises, but now it’s possible to deliver a seamless hybrid cloud by extending on-premise vSphere environments to the AWS Cloud.

VMC on AWS gives customers the flexibility to seamlessly migrate and run existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to VMC on AWS without the need to re-write applications or workloads, allowing organizations the ability to leverage familiar VMware tools and skillsets. Customers are able to build, run, manage, connect and protect new and existing applications across VMC. This is great because now administrators can easily move workloads between on-premise and cloud environments without any friction. In most cases, you won’t even notice that your workloads are being run from the cloud, and essentially the same as your on-premise environment.

Popular use cases for VMC on AWS include: vSphere cloud migration, ranging from critical applications to data center extension, provide capacity on-demand, extend to new geographies, scale virtual machines, or enabling new application testing & development and disaster recovery services.

If you’re thinking of migrating to the cloud, there are a few key considerations you should keep in mind prior to, during, and after cloud migrations. Be sure to schedule a complimentary Cloud Assessment with an Aqueduct Cloud Specialist to start the conversation and start mapping your journey.

Erik Neville, Data Center Solutions Architect

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