Engineer’s Corner – Collaboration

We’ve seen a huge shift in collaboration over the past few years where our customers and partners need to communicate and work closely with resources around the globe. With a bump in the remote workforce and global connections, our customers are demanding technology that is easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective for these types of long-distance communications.

To keep the costs down while maintaining reliable connections, Cisco recently announced an expansion to its PSTN (public switched telephone network) audio coverage for meetings. This is great for our customers as they still have a definite need for users to be able to pick up the phone and get business done. With the latest expansion in PSTN coverage from Webex, they now reach 56 countries with local call-in numbers with no additional charges, 84 countries with Toll-Free numbers, and now 9 countries newly available with premium local dial-in numbers available.” 

Zack James, Collaboration Solutions Architect

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